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For over 70 years Kodachrome™ was the market leader of physical print and motion colour pictures and now Tautachrome seeks to fill those shoes with our patent and patent pending digital picture technology

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Trusted and Engageable Imagery

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We are Tautachrome

Tautachrome, Inc. is an Internet technology development company.
The Company's top priority is developing its branded KlickZie platform which will turn smartphones into trustable imagers meaning the pictures and videos they capture can be verified as original, untampered and un-photoshopped. Furthermore the technology creates imagery that is interactive and engageable. By clicking or tapping on a KlickZie'd image, users will be able to communicate with the image's author or others currently viewing the image in an engaging manner. The KlickZie platform will serve as the world's first imagery-based social portal network. The Company is a publicly traded Delaware Corporation.

Tautachrome Lyrics
Lookin’ at all the years I've lived
Through my crystal ball
Every good thing and all the friends I've had
Thinkin’ of all the love I've shared
And all the love lost
Takin’ pictures in my mind to capture it all

Looking at all these faces
Every smile never fades
Holding all of these moments
For me to save --oh yeah
And if the world’s my canvas
Then let me see it all the way
All I need is my Tautachrome today

Don't take my Tautachrome
Cus’ some nights I'm home alone
And I wanna see your picture cus I miss ya
So I pick up my phone

I wanna show the word where I've been and see what they've seen
I just wanna enhance the way it feels
And they could see the colors of my imagination
And it looks so good and feels so real

Looking at all these faces
Every smile never fades
Holding all of these moments
For me to save --oh yeah
And if the world’s my canvas
Then let me see it all the way
All I need is my Tautachrome today

Don't take my Tautachrome
Cus’ some nights I'm home alone
And I wanna see your picture cus I miss ya
So I pick up my phone

Look at you in that vivid color
Sometimes it makes me wonder
Where would I be if I couldn't see you
Through my Tautachrome preview

Mamma don’t take my Tautachrome
Mamma don’t take my dog and bone away
Mamma don’t take my Tautachrome
Mamma don’t take my dog and bone away
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Our purpose is to become the world's No. 1 smartphone imaging system. Allowing everyone to take pictures and videos that are automatically ALWAYS TRUSTED: Never digitally manipulated. Always the true original.

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While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the modern world has made pictures the new multicultural language and Tautachrome’s patent and patent pending digital imagery will be the benchmark for the new world.

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With Tautachrome patent and patent pending trusted engageable digital imagery, the landscape will never be the same again.

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What is the Problem?

Digital imagery is easily falsified and lacks the engageability proposed by Tautachrome’s patent and patent pending technology.

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Every picture tells a story

With Tautachrome’s patent and patent pending technology not only will pictures tell a story, they will come to life with engageabilty not currently available.

Images uploaded every minute to Instagram and Facebook
Of the world are internet users
Worldwide users of smartphones

KlickZie Trustability

If it's not KlickZied - you can't trust it. Be able to trust images once more.

Klickzie is an image verification service for smartphones that brings trust back to digital imagery, and turns the smartphone into a reliable image source.

✔ Smartphone users download KlickZie’s free software to take their pictures and videos.
✔ KlickZie pictures and videos are invisibly marked, stored in the KlickZie cloud and guaranteed free from manipulation.
✔ The cloud will certify the authenticity of any KlickZie picture or video.
✔ Consumers get a new space of imagery-based socializing impossible without KlickZie.
✔ Enterprises get bulletproof trustable imagery whenever it is needed.

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Tautachrome Management

Jon N. Leonard bio image

Jon N. Leonard, PhD

Co-Founder, CEO
Founder & CEO at BPM Technologies, (first personal modelers) and at CALMEC, (molecular switching). Director of Terrorist Defeat Nanotechnology at Raytheon. Numerous patents, including internet marketing SW patent.
Matt Staker bio image

Matt Staker

Co-Founder, Chief Engineer
Founder and chief technologist in VisualSoftware (acquired by Micrografx), GridIronOffice, NowLive, and New Image. Developed the data security architecture for the about to be acquired startup Security First Corp. Leads technical teams to success in uncertain startup conditions.
Claude A. Bailey bio image

Joel Sercel, PhD

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Decades of practical systems engineering leadership. Led and worked on dozens of products and innovations, in use in space and around the world.
Joel Sercel bio image

Robert Gille

Senior Programmer
Robert Gille, is a self-educated programmer analyst, effective in any programming language and familiar with the nuances of smartphone app programming. Bob has taught many technical subjects at the Junior College level and has also developed the central people-database for a multibillion dollar agency in the State of Arizona covering over 30,000 people.
"If it's not KlickZied - you can't trust it. Be able to trust images once more."

Perfect Outcome

User-Base Growth: KlickZie user base will quickly grow to the capacity of the smartphone user space:

Growth rate is driven by the built-in viral effects of KlickZie imaging

KlickZie’s growth rate for youth has the potential for record breaking growth

Growth rate for adults will be smaller, but population size is about 2x that of youth

Associated Companies

Polybia Studios partner link

Polybia Studios Pty LtdPolybia Studios Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tautachrome Inc. which is staffed predominantly by graduated students of Bond University, Australia. Polybia Studios is a full service internet and digital operating company.

Klickzie Inc partner link

KlickZieImage verification & tracking software for iPhone and Android devices. KlickZie aims to not only exceed all capabilities of the current generation of imagery tracking & verification; though utilize the number of smartphone users, and make it accessible anywhere.

SafeDate partner link

SafeDateSafeDate is an internally developed mobile app which sets a new way to assure personal, mobile security in an age where connections are easily formed through technology. As a mobile application, SafeDate serves as a personal alert to your most trusted contacts, forming a SafetyNet in the event of a dangerous, unexpected situation.

PhotoSweep partner link

PhotoSweepPhotoSweepLLC is a wholly owned subsidiary acquired by Tautachrome in January 2016. PhotoSweep is a consumer app which facilitates the delivery of printed photos.
  • The app allows consumers to add photos to their personal queue as they are captured on their mobile device
  • Consumers can then specify which photos they want printed and how often they wish to receive shipments
  • PhotoSweep handles the printing and mailing of the photographs
  • Appquisitions link

    AppquisitionsAppquisitions, a corporate division of Tautachrome Inc. sources potential operating or pre-release apps for acquisition. If you have an APP and you are thinking of selling - you can submit your details in the contact form below.

    SRI International partner link

    SRI InternationalDeveloper of advanced smartphone and imaging technologies, including the pivotal technologies for iPhone SIRI, Google Earth, Android image-stabilization, and advanced image-watermarking. SRI team led by Mike Piacentino, under a Raytheon contract defined and managed by KlickZie CEO, developed the MANTIS imaging system for DARPA.

    Arxan partner link

    Arxan, Inc.Arxan code defense technology has been in use protecting military grade software since 2001. Arxan code defense technology now supports commercial customers worldwide with a full range of application protection needs in the App Economy and is now an industry standard worldwide.

    Noble Applications parter link

    Noble Applications, Inc.Noble has decades of software development experience, and has been doing mobile application development for iOS and Android since they were introduced. Noble develops and advises on app products for any kind of business with special expertise in social networking healthcare and general business. “Noble uses a well developed iterative process to define, prototype, test and redefine to arrive at highly accepted apps.” – Steve O’Brien, President.

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